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There are strict rules on items that you can bring into the Emirates Airlines aircraft. Hand Luggages that are too bulky or too heavy to fit in the overhead stowage cabins or under the seat can injure other passengers if the aircraft encounters turbulence.

Find out what is the luggage allowances on Emirates Airlines as well as lost baggage phone numbers by clicking the links on your right

There are wide range of items (including weapons) that the Emirates Airlines prohibit from being carried in the cabin of an aircraft. Get more baggage information from the Emirates baggage info link on your right.
About Emirates Airlines
And Emirates Flight Destinations
Launched in 1985, the Emirates Airlines is the national airline from United Arab Emirates and flies nonstop flights to many cities worldwide straight from United Arab Emirates. Emirates Airlines operates out of the following bases: Dubai International Airport [A].

Emirates flies flights to just about 100 excl. cargo; 111 domestic and international cities spanning several large or medium cities, particularly Dubai, Bangkok, Melbourne, Auckland, Karachi and Muscat.

Have accessibility to the Emirates Airlines web site, together with flight ticket booking, flight times, real-time Emirates flight arrivals, Emirates air ticket promotions, airline ticket vouchers, Emirates Airlines’ Skywards frequent flyer program and most up-to-date news flash about Emirates Airlines from this website.

Other related information which is available from this web page normally include Emirates Airlines baggage allowances, Emirates Airlines phone numbers coupled with airline offices contact details worldwide and Emirates Airlines careers.

As a leading trans national airline, Emirates Airlines in addition offer, Web check In for customers to confirm their air ticket 4 hours in advance of departure, reserve their flight seating along with flight meals which are available on Emirates flights.

Emirates Airlines flight tickets are generally purchased from leading travel agents, on-line flight comparison web sites as well as Emirates Airlines offices world wide. Emirates Airlines office contact numbers globally are listed here.

Emirates Lounge is an airport lounge managed by Emirates Airlines providing exclusive meeting rooms, phone, facsimile, wi-fi Internet access together with other business services. Airport lounges such as the Emirates Lounge has provisions to maximize comfort for instance complimentary beverages and snacks. At Emirates Airlines airport lounges, guests will often find more comfortable seating, calmer surroundings and better ways to access customer support reps compared to the airport terminal.

Emirates Airlines fleet operates roughly 148 (+193 orders) excl. cargo aircrafts and offer much more flight routes by means of code share agreements with many other partner airlines and alliances such as "Star Alliance".

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